The Bradford on Avon Community Church aims to bring Jesus into the lives of all those in our immediate area - but we sincerely believe we have been called to spread the message of Jesus love throughout the world and we can’t just confine our activities to our postcode!

The word of Jesus is known as the Good News and if you have good news you want to share it. This is very much at the heart of what we believe and we action our beliefs by setting aside 10% of our income for gospel ministries, practical help and support all around the world.

As a Church we prayerfully and financially support members and friends who are working in places as far apart as South America, Russia, Greece and Africa. We also actively support those whose Christian faith has placed them in danger all around the world through Open Doors, a charity committed to supporting the persecuted church.


Open Doors opendoorsuk.org

Syrian Bridges http://www.bridges.org.gr/index.php/en/

LIV Village http://www.liv-village.com/

Tim Ayers Ministries http://www.timayersministries.co.uk/

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